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STRENGTH IN NUMBERS – Stream/Download 101 Tracks from Chant Records

We would like to send a big thank you to all of the artists that contributed to the first official Chant Records release – STRENGTH IN NUMBERS – it means so much that you are involved.

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Alberto N. A. Turra – Cellule
Performed by Alberto N. A. Turra
Composed by Alberto N. A. Turra – Ivan Lo Giusto
Arranged by Alberto N. A. Turra
Produced by Diego Cattaneo
Engineered by Diego Cattaneo
Recorded at The House Of Groove – Diego Cattaneo Recording Studio
From the live solo album “It Is Preferable Not To Travel With A Dead Man”

Alon Nechushtan Trio – Sunset at Djerba
Performed by Alon Nechushtan Trio
Composed by Alon Nechushtan
Arranged by Alon Nechushtan
Produced by Alon Nechushtan
Recorded live at Yokohama Rejoicing Sounds, Japan

Amit Peled – Loser Island
Performed by Amit Peled
Composed by Amit Peled
Arranged by Amit Peled
Produced by Amit Peled
Engineered by Amit Peled
Recorded at Yellow Room Studio

Aram Bajakian’s Kef – Laz Bar (alternate take)
Performed by Aram Bajakian
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Tom Swafford
Composed by Traditional
Arranged by Aram Bajakian
Produced by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Engineered by Aaron Nevezie
Recorded at The Bunker

Baye Kouyatè – Danama
From the album Danama

There’s a reason Griot Baye Kouyaté was named finalist in the Independent Music Awards Global Fusion Category.

A Griot or Jali is a West African Poet, praise singer, and wandering musician, considered a repository of oral tradition.

The Griot in Mande society was as a historian, advisor, arbitrator, praise singer, and storyteller. Essentially, these musicians were walking history books, perserving their ancient stories and traditions through song. Their inherited tradition was passed down through generations. Their name, “Djeli”, means “Blood” in the Manika language. They were said to have deep connections to spiritual, social, or political powers as music is associated as such. Speech is also said to have power as it can recreate history and relationships.

The Mali Empire, at its height in the middle of the fourteenth century was founded by Sundiata Keita, whose exploits remain celebrated in Mali even today. In the Epic of Sundiata, King Naré Maghann Konaté offered his son Sundiata a griot, Balla Fasséké, to advise him in his reign. Balla Fasséké is thus considered the first griot and the founder of the Kouyaté line of griots that exists to this day.

Baye Kouyaté is a direct descendant of that lineage. He is one of those old souls: wise and blessed with a culturally diverse perspective, bubbling over with natural enthusiasm and creative energies that strongly suggest he’s been this way before; someone deeply in touch with the spiritual essences. His performances are a journey through a world of highly complex polyrhythms fusing traditional sounds of Mali with influences such as jazz, reggae, carribbean and latin grooves, all delivered by a high spirited crew of musicians.

Bill Laswell + Hideo Yamaki with Josh Werner – Shikkoku Dub
Composed and Performed by Bill Laswell, Hideo Yamaki and Josh Werner
Engineered by Robert Musso & James Dellatacoma

Billy Martin’s Fang Percussion featuring Ned Rothenberg – Puszta Mirage
Performed by:
Ned Rothenberg – Shakuhachi and Alto Ocarina
Billy Martin – percussion
Ronald Stockwell – percussion
Steve Honoshowsky – percussion
David Freeman – percussion
Composed by Billy Martin & Ned Rothenberg
Arranged by Billy Martin
Produced by Billy Martin
Engineered by Marc Urselli and Billy Martin
Recorded at East Side Recording, NYC and Teahouse, Englewood, NJ

Blivet (Jon Madof, Brian Marsella, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Mathias Künzli, Marlon Sobol) – Waiting Room
Performed by:
Jon Madof, guitar
Brian Marsella, keyboards
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, bass
Mathias Künzli, drums
Marlon Sobol, percussion
Composed by Jon Madof
Arranged by Blivet
Produced by Jon Madof
Engineered by James Dellatacoma
Recorded at Orange Music Sound Studio

Boris Malkovsky – Moment Musicaux #1 and Karlsson’s Incredible Flight Over The Bulgarian-American Border
Performed by Boris Malkovsky – accordion, Hammond organ, upright piano, electric piano, analogue synthesisers
Composed by Boris Malkovsky
Arranged by Boris Malkovsky
Produced by Boris Malkovsky
Engineered by Boris Malkovsky
Recorded at Boris Malkovsky’s home studio ‘Klokoczyn 69’ Poland

Brian Marsella’s iMAGiNARiUM – The Twist Is Lower Than You Think
Performed by:
Jason Fraticelli- vocals
Elliott Levin- tenor saxophone
Eyal Maoz- electric guitar
John Lee- electric guitar
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz- electric bass
Yuval Lion- drums and tambourine
Brian Marsella- vocals, farfisa, piano, prophet synth
Composed by Brian Marsella
Arranged by Brian Marsella
Produced by Justin Bias and Brian Marsella
Engineered by Tom Tedesco, Justin Bias and Ray Raggamuffin
Recorded at Tedesco Studios, Red Palace Studios and Retro City Studios
Mixed by Dave Darlington, Mastered by Scott Hull

Chinatown (Daniel Carter, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Kevin Zubek) – Jing Jing Lok
Performed by:
Daniel Carter (saxophones, trumpet, flute, clarinet)
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz (bass, oud)
Kevin Zubek (drums and percussion)
Composed by Daniel Carter, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Kevin Zubek
Arranged by Daniel Carter, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Kevin Zubek
Produced by Daniel Carter, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Kevin Zubek
Engineered by Martin Bisi
Recorded at BC Studios, Brooklyn, NY, August, 2003
Released by Nottwo Records, Poland

Christopher Hoffman’s Multifariam – Americult
Performed by Christopher Hoffman, Aaron Kruziki, Gerald Cleaver, Craig Weinrib
Composed by Christopher Hoffman
Arranged by Christopher Hoffman
Produced by Christopher Hoffman
Engineered by Aaron Nevezie & Christopher Hoffman
Recorded at Bunker Studio & Linden St

The Circle – Avishai Cohen, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Itamar Doari – First Dance
Performed by Avishai Cohen – Trumpet, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – Gimbri/Oud/Bass, Itamar Doari – Percussion
Composed by Avishai Cohen, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Itamar Doari
Arranged by The Circle
Produced by The Circle
Engineered by Ronen Roth
Recorded in a small room in Goa.
Mixed by Ronen Roth – Pluto Studios -אולפני פלוטו
Tel Aviv, Israel

3 families came together, and the search began
arriving to a small beach in India, living together, growing together, deciding together
a music was born, with love

from sunrise to sunset, and through the darkness
nature’s balance of life, in all its glory
represented in a vibration, with love

THE CIRCLE, a meditation, a ritual, a ceremony
the sacred process, the healing of the spirit
every moment a dedication, with love

poem by His Holiness, Har Aadamee, India 2016

Dálava (Julia Ulehla & Aram Bajakian) – Nech je pan lebo kral (Whether man or king)
Performed by:
Julia Ulehla (vocals)
Aram Bajakian (guitar)
Tom Swafford (Violin)
Skye Steele (violin)
Traditional song from the town of Strážnice, Czech Republic, collected by Vladimír Úlehla (1888-1947) in his book Živá Píseň (Living Song, 1949).
Arranged by Aram Bajakian and Julia Ulehla
Produced by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Aram Bajakian and Julia Ulehla
Engineered by Aaron Nevezie
Recorded at The Bunker
Whether man or king, everyone must pass away, everyone must lay his bones in the black earth. Ah, god, good god, the world is crazy, everyone always has a master to obey.

Daniel Sarid Trio – Intentions Declared ( in memory of Tuval Fater)
Performed by:
Daniel Sarid – Piano
Nadav Masel – Bass
Ofer Bymel- Drums
Composed by Daniel Sarid
Arranged by Daniel Sarid
Produced by Daniel Sarid
Engineered by David Louria
Recorded at Ha Teiva, Jaffa, Israel

Darshan (Eden Pearlstein “ePRHYME” & Basya Schechter) – Let There Be Light
Performed by Eden Pearlstein (ePRHYME), Basya Schechter, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Aaron Johnston, Gabriel Gordon, Frederik Rubens
Composed by Basya Schechter, Eden Pearlstein
Arranged by Frederik Rubens, Basya Schechter
Produced by Frederik Rubens
Engineered by Frederik Rubens
English Lyrics by Eden Pearlstein, Hebrew Lyrics from Psalm 95

Denver General (Jeff Davis, Kirk Knuffke, Jonathan Goldberger) – “COLFAX”

Desertion Trio (Nick Millevoi, Johnny DeBlase, Kevin Shea) – Love in Mind
Performed by Nick Millevoi – guitar, Johnny DeBlase – bass, Kevin Shea – drums
Composed by Neil Young
Arranged by Nick Millevoi
Engineered by Recorded live in Athens, GA by R Sloan Simpson

Dimyon (Eyal Maoz) – Tsaad
Performed by:
Eyal Maoz – acoustic guitar
Alan Grubner – violin
Dana Leong – cello
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – bass
Mathias Kunzli – percussion
Composed by Eyal Maoz
Arranged by Eyal Maoz
Produced by Eyal Maoz
Engineered by Johnathan Powell

East of the River, co directed by Daphna Mor & Nina Stern – Cveta Moma Ubava
Performed by:
Daphna Mor: Recorders, Nina Stern; Recorders. Tamer Pinarbasi: Qanun. Jesse Kotanksy: Violin. Shane Shanahan: Percussion
Composed by Traditional Macedonian
Arranged by Daphna Mor and Nina Stern
Produced by Daphna Mor and Nina Stern
Engineered by Aaron Nevezie
Recorded at Bunker Studios. Brooklyn

Eclipticalia (Dionne Figgins, Chondra Profit, Chris Dingman, John Lee, Edward Perez, Tim Keiper) – Kronos
Performed by:
Dionne Figgins (voice)
Chondra Profit (voice)
Chris Dingman (vibes)
John Lee (guitar)
Edward Perez (bass)
Tim Keiper (drums, percussion, voice)
Composed by Tim Keiper
Arranged by Tim Keiper
Engineered by Marc Urselli (East Side Sound)
Mixed by: Adam Vaccarelli (Retromedia)
Mastered by: Gene Paul (G&J Audio)

Erik Friedlander – SHIVER
Performed by:
Brad Shepik, guitar
Matt Darriau, winds
Lucia Pulido, voice
Satoshi Takeishi, percussion
Stomu Takeishi, elec bass
Erik Friedlander, celli
Composed by Erik Friedlander
Arranged by Erik Friedlander
Produced by Erik Friedlander
Engineered by Erik Friedlander
Recorded at ArconomX Studios

Event Horizon (Greg Cohen & Randi Pontoppidan) – Pearls of Fizzdom
Performed by Greg Cohen – Double Bass, Randi Pontoppidan – Voice and Electronics
Composed by Greg Cohen and Randi Pontoppidan
Arranged by Greg Cohen and Randi Pontoppidan
Produced by Greg Cohen and Randi Pontoppidan
Engineered by Marco Birkner
Recorded at Studio H2 at the Funkhaus, Berlin
Mixed by Adrian von Ripka

eXpanseplane (Jesse Berg) – Rex
Composed by Jesse Berg

Eyal Maoz & Asaf Sirkis Duet – Rice
Performed by:
Eyal Maoz – guitar
Asaf Sirkis – drums
Composed by Eyal Maoz
Arranged by Eyal Maoz and Asaf Sirkis
Produced by Eyal Maoz and Asaf Sirkis

Eyal Talmudi – Train to Chill
Performed by Eyal Talmudi, Beno Hendler
Composed by Eyal Talmudi
Arranged by Eyal Talmudi
Produced by Eyal Talmudi
Engineered by Eyal Talmudi
Recorded at The Ashtray Studios
Peace to all

Eyal Talmudi Quintet – AYALON ZAFON
Performed by Eyal Talmudi, Sefi Zisling, Uzi Feinrman, Gilad Abro, Aviv Cohen
Composed by Eyal Talmudi
Arranged by Eyal Talmudi
Produced by Eyal Talmudi and MOMO sessions
Engineered by Uri Barak – MOMO
Recorded at Kicha Studios TLV

Felipe Hostins – É pra Sorrir
Performed by Davi Vieira (percussion), Felipe Hostins (Accordion – Bass)
Composed by Felipe Hostins
Arranged by Felipe Hostins/Davi Vieira
Produced by Felipe Hostins/Jake Owen
Engineered by Jake Owen
Recorded at Jake Owen’s Home Studio

Fire_Arms (James Dellatacoma) – Hall of Sand
Performed by James Dellatacoma
Composed by James Dellatacoma
Arranged by James Dellatacoma
Produced by James Dellatacoma
Engineered by James Dellatacoma
Recorded at Orange Music Sound Studio

Freakdom (David Konopnicki, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Kenny Grohowski) – Konop’s Vamp
Performed by:
David Konopnicki – Fretless Guitar
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – Double Bass
Kenny Grohowski – Drums
Composed by Konopnicki, Grohowski, Blumenkranz
Arranged by FREAKDOM
Produced by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Engineered by Marc Urselli
Mixed by David Konopnicki
Recorded at East Side Sound – New York
Mixed at 4A Sound Factory – Forges-les-Eaux – France
This track is a piece of a “one day album session” at East Side Sound

The Fugu Plan (Brian Marsella, Yuval Lion, Yoni Halevy, Eyal Maoz, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Cyro Baptista, Yuka) – Holy Mountain
Performed by:
Brian Marsella – keyboards
Yuval Lion – drum
Yoni Halevy – drum
Eyal Maoz – guitar
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz- bass
Yuka – vocal & ukulele
Special guest Cyro Baptista – percussion
Composed by Yuka
Arranged by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Produced by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Engineered by Justin Bias, James Dellatacoma and Tomer Harari Kaplan
Recorded at Orange Music Sound Studio, Nola Studio and DB Studio

Greg Wall’s Later Prophets – Sobu Tzion
Performed by:
Greg Wall- tenor saxophone
Shai Bachar- piano
Dave Richards-bass
Ilan Katchka-drums
Itzchak Marmorstein- spoken word
Text: Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaKohane Kook
Arranged by Greg Wall and Shai Bachar
Produced by Greg Wall
Engineered by Dave Richards
Recorded at Bardo Studios, Ramat Gan, israel
Recorded for Pioneers for a Cure

Gregor Frei ASMIN – Franklin’s Son
Performed by:
Gregor Frei – tenor sax
Ran Wehrli – alto sax
Dave Gisler – guitar
Pascal Ujak – bass
Maxime Paratte – drums
Composed by Gregor Frei
Arranged by Gregor Frei
Produced by Gregor Frei
Engineered by Will-y Strehler
Recorded at St. Leonard’s Church
Recorded in the ruin of the St. Leonard’s Church in St. Gallen. The church was burned out about one year before the recordings.

Grextet (Gregor Frei) – Instant composing # 4
Performed by Gregor Frei – soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, piano, drums
Composed by Gregor Frei
Arranged by Gregor Frei
Produced by Gregor Frei
Engineered by Gregor Frei
Recorded at downstairs
One hour of inspiration

Guy Barash – Quintet No. 1 “Flowers Between the Fingers”
Performed by:
Thomas Piercy, conductor
Ryuta Iwase, bass clarinet
Christopher Yohmei Blasdel, shakuhachi
Makoto Aruga, vibraphone
Go Mochizuki, mandolin
Sansuzu Tsuruzawa, bass shamisen
Composed by Guy Barash
Produced by Guy Barash and Thomas Piercy
Recorded by Atsushi Yoshinaka
Recorded live at Ohmi Gakudo concert hall, Tokyo Opera City
Unlike traditional piano or string quintets, Quintet is a work for mixed ensemble of Japanese and Western instruments. It was inspired by the poetry of Chika Sagawa. Unlike most female Japanese poets of her time, she wove Western influences into her work, used free verse to explore her interiority rather than relying on traditional forms, and expressed an individual relationship with nature. On a personal level, I relate to her condition: fragile physically, standing up alone, trying to make sense of the universe. And aesthetically we converge: deep pain and radiant beauty resonate throughout her work, often triggered in the same moment. Chika Sagawa died before her twenty-fifth birthday. I dedicate my piece to her.

Haleh Liza – Anahita
Performed by:
Haleh Liza – vocals
Janie Cowan – bass
Trina Basu – violin
Toni Seawright – background vocals
Pyeng Threadgill – background vocals
Maryn Azoff – background vocals
Composed by Haleh Liza
Arranged by Haleh Liza
Produced by Haleh Liza & Matt Kilmer
Engineered by Haleh Liza

Hamid Drake and Bindu – Ma Kali Take Us Home…….
Performed by:
Hamid Drake – drums, frame drum, vocals
Joshua Abrams – double bass, guimbri
Composed by Hamid Drake
Arranged by Hamid Drake and Joshua Abrams
Produced by Michel Dorbon and Hamid drake
Engineered by Griffin Rodriguez
Recorded at Shape Shoppe, Chicago
Lyrics by Hamid Drake & Ram Prasad. Translated by Lex Hixon from “Hyms To The mother Of The Universe”

Hiromichi Sakamoto – Ophelia In Ashes
Performed by SAKAMOTO Hiromichi
Composed by SAKAMOTO Hiromichi
Arranged by SAKAMOTO Hiromichi
Produced by SAKAMOTO Hiromichi
Engineered by SAKAMOTO Hiromichi
Recorded at my home studio in Yokohama Japan

Hu: Vibrational (Adam Rudolph) – HAKUNA
Performed by ADAM RUDOLPH
Composed by ADAM RUDOLPH
Arranged by ADAM RUDOLPH
This track is from UNIVERSAL MOTHER CD Full CD download available here:

Ian Clark Smith – Succulents
Performed by Ian Clark Smith

Jessica Lurie Ensemble – A Tiger For William Kentridge
Performed by:
Jessica Lurie – alto saxophone
Naomi Siegel – trombone
Brian Marsalla – piano
Mike Gamble – electric guitar
Todd Sickafoose – acoustic bass
Allison Miller – drums
Composed by Jessica Lurie
Arranged by Jessica Lurie
Produced by Jessica Lurie & Todd Sickafoose
Engineered by Billy Barnett
Recorded at Gung Ho Studios, Eugene, OR
Mixed by Todd Sickafoose

John Lee’s Chu Bubaloo – Fish Out Of Water
Performed by John Lee – electric and acoustic guitars, TJ Turqman – electric bass, Graham Doby – drums and piano, Matt Rippetoe – tenor saxophone
Composed by John Lee
Arranged by John Lee
Produced by John Lee
Engineered by Adrian Olsen
Recorded at Montrose Recording – Richmond VA
Mastered by Steven Wright – Wright Way Studios Baltimore Md

Kaiser Musso / Echoes For Sonny – Promises Kept
Performed by Henry Kaiser, Robert Musso, Nick Didkovsky, Jesse Krakow, Weasel Walter
Composed by Sonny Sharrock, Robert Musso, Henry Kaiser
Arranged by Musso, Kaiser
Produced by Robert Musso
Engineered by Robert Musso
Recorded at OMSS on 2/9/2015
Copyright 2015, MuWorks Publishing 2015, Additional Recording by James Dellatacoma

Kaoru Watanabe – Chiru
Performed by Fumi Tanakadate, Sayun Chang, Barbara Merjan (taiko) Kaoru Watanabe (shinobue)
Composed by Kaoru Watanabe
Arranged by Kaoru Watanabe
Produced by Kaoru Watanabe and Marc Urselli
Engineered by Marc Urselli
Recorded at Eastside Sound
Originally from Kaoru Watanabe’s Néo

Kevin Norton’s Breakfast of Champignon(s) – “Deep Tanks”
Performed by Helen Yee- violin; Julia Simoniello- electric guitar; Angelica Sanchez- piano; Noah Berman- electric guitar; Steve LaSpina- bass; Kevin Norton- drums, vibraphone & percussion.
Composed by Kevin Norton – published by Enduring Heart (ASCAP)
Produced by Kevin Norton
Engineered by Scott Friedlander
Recorded live at The Stone (NYC), July 18, 2017 as part of the Stone Residencies: Kevin Norton
“Deep Tanks” is one of 12 songs from the song-cycle, Staten Island: All that is solid melts into air – the premier performance of the song-cycle (slightly different instrumentation and personnel) from Roulette (NYC) is available on Bandcamp

Koby Israelite – Sultan Suleyman
Performed by Koby Israelite
Composed by Koby Israelite
Arranged by Koby Israelite
Produced by Koby Israelite
Engineered by Koby Israelite
Recorded at Bamba Studios, London

Koichi Makigami – Kurubushi
Performed by Koichi Makigami vocal, cornet, Khomus-ukulele
Composed by Koichi Makigami
Arranged by Koichi Makigami
Produced by Koichi Makigami
Engineered by Koichi Makigami
Recorded at 1714 studio in Atami Japan

Kretzmer/Ajemian/Shea – The Kiss
Performed by Yoni Kretzmer – tenor sax, Jason Ajemian – double bass, Kevin Shea – drums
Composed by Kretzmer/Ajemian/Shea
Arranged by Kretzmer/Ajemian/Shea
Produced by Yoni Kretzmer
Engineered by Jim Clouse
Recorded at Park West Studios

Laroz Camel Rider – yalla ID
Composed by Mariem Hassan
Produced by LAROZ
Engineered by LAROZ

Laushaus (Kyle Sanna, Jonathan Goldberger, Todd Sickafoose, Mathias Künzli) – Elk Drive
Performed by:
Kyle Sanna – guitar
Jonathan Goldberger – guitar
Todd Sickafoose – bass
Mathias Künzli – drums
Composed by Laushaus
Arranged by Laushaus
Produced by Kyle Sanna, Mathias Kunzli
Engineered by Jeff Hill
Recorded at The Stable

Lemon Juice Quartet (Eyal Maoz, Avishai Cohen, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Kevin Zubek) – Qua
Performed by Eyal Maoz – guitar
Avishai Cohen – trumpet
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – bass
Kevin Zubek – drums
Composed by Eyal Maoz
Arranged by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz and Lemon Juice Quartet
Produced by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Engineered by Martin Bisi
Recorded at B.C. Studio
from the album REPLUBLIC

Mahanyawa (Kazuhisa Uchihashi + Rully Shabara & Wukir Suryadi of Senyawa) – Mahanyawa Tadulako
Performed by:
Rully Shabara, Vocal
Wukir Suryadi, Spatula
Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Daxophone
Composed by MAHANYAWA
Arranged by MAHANYAWA
Recorded LIVE in Tokyo

Makespeak (Mateo Lugo, Haggai Cohen-Milo, James Shipp) – The March
Performed by Mateo Lugo – guitar, Haggai Cohen-Milo – bass, James Shipp – percussion
Composed by Makespeak
Arranged by Makespeak
Produced by Makespeak

Malox (Eyal Talmudi, Assaf Talmudi, Roy Chen) – Dancing to Nothing
Arranged by MALOX
Produced by MALOX
Engineered by ASAF SHAY
Recorded at The SLIK , TLV
Video »

Mathias Künzli – Piggeldy und Frederic
Performed by Mathias Künzli
Composed byMathias Künzli
Arranged by Mathias Künzli
Produced by Mathias Künzli
Engineered by Kyle Sanna
Recorded live with a stereo mic by Kyle Sanna, Live at The Fridman Gallery in New York City on November 22, 2013.
Track is an excerpt of an all improvised solo show. the show was one long continuous improvisation. track is “created” after the fact. Mixed and mastered by Shahzad Ismaily and Kyle Sanna

Matt Lebofsky – Parowan Gap
Performed by Matt Lebofsky (drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, voices)
Written and recorded by Matt in Laszlo’s Basement on May 28th, 2011. Freshly remixed for 2017.

Matt Mottel – SLIDE WAYS
Performed by:
Matt Mottel – synthesizers, drum machine programming
Matthu Stull – guitar
Composed by Matt Mottel
Arranged by Matt Mottel
Produced by Matt Mottel
Engineered by Matt Mottel
Recorded at 14 Wall Street, LMCC Swing Space Studio

Maya Dunietz – White Piano
Performed by Maya Dunietz
Composed by Maya Dunietz
Produced by Maya Dunietz
Engineered by Mixed by Maya Dunietz, Mastered by Daniel Meir
Recorded at AI studios, Savyon

Michael Coltun – LOVE SONG (2012)
Performed by Michael Coltun – bass, electronics, voice
Composed by Michael Coltun
Arranged by Michael Coltun
Produced by Michael Coltun
Engineered by Michael Coltun
Recorded at Rhino studios. New York, NY

Michael Ward-Bergeman – JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH THEE
Produced by TITTY PINK
Engineered by TITTY PINK

Mike Pride – Chrome
Performed by Mike Pride – percussion, voice, nose whistle & sampler keyboard
Composed by Mike Pride
Arranged by Mike Pride
Produced by Mike Pride
Engineered by Mike Pride
Recorded & Mixed by Mike Pride at Farmingdale Studio
Published by Funhole Music, BMI

Mines (Yael Barolsky, Ram Gabay, Ilan Volkov) – RSVP
Performed by Yael Barolsky , Ram Gabay , Ilan Volkov
Composed by Mines

MoGoToYoYo (Yasuhiro Yoshigaki, Keigo Iwami, Ryuichi Yoshida, Motoharu, Rabbit Arimoto) – introducing of Theme for MoGoToYoYo
Performed by:
Yasuhiro Yoshigaki ds,perc,vo
Keigo Iwami b,vo
Ryuichi Yoshida bs,perc,vo
Motoharu sax,perc,vo
Rabbit Arimoto tp,perc,vo
Composed by Keigo Iwami
Arranged by MoGoToYoYo
Produced by Yasuhiro Yoshigaki
Engineered by Watanabe and Keigo Iwami
Recorded live at Shinjuku Pit Inn

Moledet (Eyal Maoz, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Shahar Haziza) – Aravi
Performed by:
Eyal Maoz – guitar
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – bass
Shahar Haziza – drums
Composed by Eyal Maoz
Arranged by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz and Moledet
Produced by Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz and Moledet
Engineered by Shahar Haziza

Motions (Chris Dingman, Tim Keiper, Matt Kilmer, Kaoru Watanabe) – Tsukiyono
Performed by Chris Dingman (vibes) Tim Keiper (ngoni) Matt Kilmer (percussion) Kaoru Watanabe (shinobue)
Composed by Kaoru Watanabe
Arranged by Motions
Produced by Motions
Engineered by Matt Kilmer
Recorded at 2nd st Studios, Brooklyn NY
The four members of the Brooklyn-based collective Motions combine the rhythms, timbres and melodies from their extensive and diverse backgrounds – traditional and contemporary musics from Japan, Mali, the Middle East, Brazil and the US – to create a unified sound that is both eclectic and organic. The music seamlessly ranges from abstract improvisation to heavy groove, highlighting the flavors and qualities of the different instruments while celebrating their universality.

Ned Rothenberg and Inner Diaspora – The Bell Rings Deep Blue
Performed by:
Ned Rothenberg, shakuhachi
Mark Feldman, violin
Erik Friedlander, cello
Jerome Harris, lap steel guitar
Satoshi Takeishi, percussion
Composed by Ned Rothenberg
Produced by Marty Ehrlich
Engineered by James Farber
Recorded at the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn NY 12/22/15
Mixed 1/6/16 at Shelter Island Sound

Nigunim in Clave (Jon Madof, Marlon Sobol, Yoshie Fruchter) – Osman Aga
Performed by:
Jon Madof – guitar, bass
Yoshie Fruchter – oud
Marlon Sobol – drums, percussion
Traditional, Arranged by Marlon Sobol
Produced by Jon Madof and Marlon Sobol
Engineered by Jon Madof
Recorded at Chant Studios

Nonoko Yoshida & Kim Yooi – Blood Orange
Performed by:
Nonoko Yoshida (alto sax, udu)
Kim Yooi (tenor sax)
Composed by Nonoko Yoshida
Arranged by Nonoko Yoshida
Produced by Nonoko Yoshida
Engineered by Yoshihiro Tsukahara
Recorded at Studio Riccio (Sapporo – recorded and mixed on September 8th, 2017)

Oceans Roar 1000 Drums (Bryan Eubanks, Andrew Lafkas, Todd Capp) – Albatross
Performed by:
Bryan Eubanks, soprano sax & electronics
Andrew Lafkas, double bass
Todd Capp, multiple percussion
Spontaneously composed and arranged by Oceans Roar 1000 Drums
Produced by Kurt Ralske
Engineered by Kurt Ralske
Recorded at Recorded 12 July 2017 at Ahorn Studios, Spandau, Germany

Ofri Nehemya Quartet – Just sayin
Performed by:
Ofri Nehemya – Drums, Composition
Shachar Elnatan – Guitar
Gadi Lehavi – Piano
Tal Mashiach – Bass
Composed by Ofri Nehemya
Arranged by Ofri Nehemya
Produced by Ofri Nehemya
Engineered by Jonathan Jacobi
Recorded at Kitcha Studios (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Ouzo Bazooka (Ira Raviv, Adam Scheflan, Dani Ever-Hadani, Uri Brauner Kinrot) – TURKUM
Performed by:
Arranged by OUZO BAZOOKA
Recorded at
Track is from the album ‘SONGS FROM 1001 NIGHTS’ (STOLEN BODY RECORDS)

Past the Mark (Vince Pastano & Marc Urselli) – Tortellini Blues
Performed by Vince Pastano & Marc Urselli
Composed by Vince Pastano & Marc Urselli
Arranged by Vince Pastano & Marc Urselli
Produced by Marc Urselli
Engineered by Marc Urselli
Recorded at EastSide Sound
from the CD: “Hakhel Tribulation” available on Nu Jazz Europe records

Pitom (Yoshie Fruchter, Jeremy Brown, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Kevin Zubek) – ALIVE AND WELL
Performed by:
Arranged by PITOM
Engineered by JAMIE SAFT

R We Robots (Flora “Liron Meshulam”, Yehu Yaron, Adi Har-zvi, Ofer Koren, Shahar Haziza, Asaf Reiss, Zach Drory, Yael Sahpira, Keren Tenenbaum) – 秋の歌 . Autumn Song.
Performed by:
Vocal by Flora (Liron Meshulam)
C-Bass by Yehu Yaron ,
Bass by Adi Har-zvi
Guitars by Ofer Koren
Drums by Shahar Haziza & Asaf Reiss
Piano by Zach Drory
Cello by Yael Sahpira
Viola by Keren Tenenbaum
Composed by Music by Zach Drory
Lyrics by Maaru Higuchi
Arranged by Zach Drory
Produced by Zach Drory
Engineered by Mix by Ronen Roth
from R.We.Robots, released August 15, 2017
Art by: Tommy k.
all rights reserved

Rafi Malkiel Ensemble – Danza Magica
Performed by
Rafi Malkiel – Euphonium
Anthony Carrillo – Bongo, Timbas, Bells, Chekere, Maracas
Dave Hertzberg – Upright Bass
Henry Cole – Drums Set
Jack Glottman – Piano
Anat Cohen – Clarinet
Chris Karlic – Tenor Saxophone
Itai Kriss – Flute, Vocals
Steve Gluzband – Trumpet
Gili Sharett – Bassoon
Ronald Polo – Tambora, Snare Drum
Morris Canyate – Alegre, Platillos
Sergio Borrero – Llamador, Maraca
Composed by Rafi Malkiel
Arranged by Rafi Malkiel
Produced by Rafi Malkiel & Pablo Mayor
Engineered by Recorded by Randy Crafton at on July 28-29 2006
Mixed and Mastered by Ilya Eli Lishinsky at Artsonic Studios
Recorded at Kaleidoscope Studios

Ryan Sawyer – You’re Dead
Performed by Ryan Sawyer
Composed by Norma Tanega
Arranged by Ryan Sawyer
Produced by Shahzad Ismaily
Engineered by Randall Dunn
Recorded in Istanbul, Turkey
Special thanks to Brian Degraw

Sandcatchers (Yoshie Fruchter, Myk Freedman, Erik Friedlander, Michael Bates, Yonadav Halevy) – Flees Fast Singing
Performed by:
Engineered by DANNY SHATZKY

Sarah Manning & Alex Ward – Metallurgy
Performed by:
Sarah Manning, alto saxophone
Alex Ward, guitar
Live improvisation
Engineered by Alex Ward
Recorded live at Hundred Years Gallery, London on May 11th, 2017

Sean Noonan – Reincarnation of Several Hammers
Performed by:
Sean Noonan drums/vocals
Momenta Quartet: Emilie-Anne Gendron and Adda Kridler on violins, Stephanie Griffin on viola, and Michael Haas on cello
Composed by Sean Noonan
Arranged by Sean Noonan
Produced by Sean Noonan
Engineered by Diko Shoturma
Recorded at atlantic sound studios

Senhor Vasques (Greg Ward, Brian Settles, Daniel Blake, Josh Sinton) – Quintillions (from the (No)Thingness Series)
Performed by Greg Ward – alto sax, Brian Settles – tenor sax, Daniel Blake – tenor sax, Josh Sinton – baritone sax
Composed by Josh Sinton
Arranged by Josh Sinton
Produced by Josh Sinton & Jonathan Goldberger
Engineered by Jonathan Goldberger
Recorded at Recorded live September, 2014 at the Firehouse (the old one in Williamsburg (R.I.P.))
Inspired by simultaneous readings of Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” (the ‘Deathbed’ edition) and Beckett’s “Not I” & “Happy Days”

Seth Faergolzia – Dumb Waiter
Performed by Seth Faergolzia and Gil Mortio
Composed by Seth Faergolzia
Arranged by Gil Mortio
Produced by Gil Mortio
Engineered by Gil Mortio
Recorded at  STUDIO MARCEL DELCOURT (Brussels, Belgium)
Vocals recorded at Whenland, Rochester, NY
All other instruments recorded by Gil Mortio, Brussels, Belgium
This track is part of the #100songs subscription project released by Seth Faergolzia over the course of 2015

Sexy Thoughts (Kevin Shea) – It’s Thursday Night Tonight
Performed by Kevin Shea
Composed by Kevin Shea
Arranged by Kevin Shea
Produced by Kevin Shea
Engineered by Kevin Shea
Recorded at Studio UNOR

Shahar Haziza & Yonatan Albalak – Lunartality
Performed by:
Shahar Haziza – Drums, electronic drums (SP), percussion
Yonatan Albalak – Guitar, Bass, OP-1
Composed by Shahar Haziza and Yonatan Albalak
Arranged by Shahar Haziza and Yonatan Albalak
Produced by Shahar Haziza and Yonatan Albalak
Drums recorded at Pluto Studios by Ronen Roth
Mixed and mastered by Ori winokur at The Slick studios

Sharabi feat. Frank London & Deep Singh – Roma (Electric Hot Pot Mix)
Performed by:
Frank London – trumpet, flugelhorn
Deep Singh – dhol, tabla, dholak & percussion
Brian Drye – trombone
Lynn Ligammari – sax
Booker King – bass
Tony Lewis – drums
Jeremiah Lockwood – guitar
Brian Marsella – keys
Rob Curto – accordion
Traditional, Arranged by Frank London & Deep Singh
Produced by Frank London & Deep Singh
Engineered by Jeremy Scott
Recorded at The Civil Defense
Published by Nuju Music, BMI & Deep Singh, ASCAP
From the upcoming CD ‘SHARABI’
Mixed & Mastered by Deep Singh

Shimoni Street Children’s Orchestra – Embryons Desséchés
Performed by Shimoni Street Children Orchestra
Composed by Erik Satie
Arranged by Shimoni Street Children Orchestra
Produced by Shimoni Street Children Orchestra
Engineered by Shimoni Street Children Orchestra

Shoko Nagai’s “Taken Shadows” – Solid Angle
Performed by:
Shoko Nagai (piano, moog, nintendo DS)
Todd Reynolds (violin & electronics)
Jonathan Goldberger (guitar)
Stomu Takeishi (bass)
Jim Black (drums)
Composed by Shoko Nagai
Arranged by Shoko Nagai
Produced by Shoko Nagai
Engineered by Worramon Jamiod
Recorded at Live at Roulette, Brooklyn

Shrine Umbrella (On Ka’a Davis) – ” Scene # 9 / I Am Near You “
Performed by:
On Ka’a Davis (Conduction, Guitar)
Valerie Kuene (cello)
Will McIntyre (vibes)
Daniel Jodocy (electronic turntables)
Naomi Watanabe (percussion)
Peter Barr (drum set)
Cavassa Nickens (electric bass)
Albey Bogosian (electric bass)
Nonoko Yoshida (alto sax)
Avram Fefer (alto sax)
Jason Candler (tenor sax)
Nick Gianni (tenor sax; flute)
Welf Dorr (bass clarinet)
Tom Chess (ney)
Composed by On Ka’a Davis
Arranged by On Ka’a Davis
Produced by On Ka’a Davis
Engineered by On Ka’a Davis
Recorded Live at the Stone, NYC, October 22, 2012
On Mu Music (ASCAP)

Snake Union Vs. Soft Circle (Dave Grant, Chuck Bettis, Hisham Bharoocha) – Swamp Jargon
Performed by Snake Union:
Dave Grant – modular synth
Chuck Bettis – electronics
Soft Circle:
Hisham Bharoocha – drums
Composed by Snake Union & Soft Circle
Arranged by Snake Union & Soft Circle
Produced by Snake Union & Soft Circle
Engineered by Colin Marston
Recorded at Menegroth Woodhaven, NY
SNAKE UNION is a Brooklyn based experimental electronic group consisting of Chuck Bettis (Die Trommel Fatale, Mossenek) and David Grant (Action Patrol, On A Clear Day). A duo that works in improvisational rhythmic explorations that match analog synths and digital sound processing, modular wires and max patches. By turns psychedelic, delicate, and fuzzed out, the sequenced collides with the freeform as these two soundmakers push into new realms. SOFT CIRCLE aka Hisham Akira Bharoocha was formerly in bands such as Black Dice (DFA / FatCat) and Pixeltan (DFA). He has also been a touring member of Boredoms for the last 8 years. His solo project is called Soft Circle.

Sonata Islands Kommandoh (Emilio Galante, Giovanni Venosta, Alberto Turra, William Nicastro, Sergio Quagliarella) – Offering Vander
Performed by:
Emilio Galante, flute
Giovanni Venosta, keyboards
Alberto Turra, guitar
William Nicastro, bass
Sergio Quagliarella, drums
Composed by Emilio Galante
Arranged by Emilio Galante
Produced by Sonata Islands Kommandoh
Engineered by Diego Cattaneo
Recorded live in Teatro SanbàPolis, Trento, Italy, October 2014
Taken from the project “Zeuhl Jazz”, dedicated to Magma’s music and spirit

Squelch (Avram Fefer, Gabtokai Dakinah, Vic Baracos, Bruce Grant) – Keep the Faith
Performed by Avram Fefer saxes, Gabtokai Dakinah bass, Vic Baracos drums, Bruce Grant tapes
Composed by Squelch
Produced by Squelch
Engineered by Scott Mann
Recorded at Rivington Music Studios
This track is dedicated to Bruce Grant, aka Huge Voodoo.

Tarana (Rick Parker & Ravish Momin) – Natrang
Performed by Rick Parker- trombone/synths; Ravish Momin- drums, electronic programming, samples
Composed by Ravish Momin
Arranged by Ravish Momin/Alap Momin
Produced by Alap Momin
Engineered by Phil Weinrobe
Recorded at Figure 8 Recording
Mixed by Alap Momin @ Uptown Mixers, Harlem, NYC 2017

Todd Clouser – You The Brave
Performed by Todd Clouser, Billy Martin (percussion), JT Bates (drums), James Buckley (bass) and 58 voices of friends in Mexico City and Minneapolis
Composed by Todd Clouser
Arranged by Todd Clouser
Engineered by Mixed by Randall Dunn at Avast Studios in Seattle, WA
Recorded at Recorded at Studio HH in Mexico City, MX
With CHANT, prolific rock/jazz guitarist Todd Clouser reaches back to the days of American Prison song and Field Chant for inspiration. Part Clouser’s signature wild guitar work, part street choir, and part beat story teller, CHANT is a concept record celebrating music’s ability to create new community, featuring the duo drum work of Billy Martin and JT Bates.
In recording CHANT, Clouser reached out to friends and strangers in his homes of Minneapolis and Mexico City, from his neighborhood garbage man to members of Mexico City’s thriving creative music scene, in creating groups of singers. Recorded in studios in Minneapolis, New York City, the Peruvian Amazon amongst a family of shaman, and the streets of Mexico City, singers were directed in real time to chant over the tracks created by Clouser, drummers Billy Martin and JT Bates. The result is a new community recording of 80 musicians and singers spanning up and down the Americas.

Tomer Bar – AT
Composed by TOMER BAR
Arranged by TOMER BAR
Produced by TOMER BAR
Engineered by RAFAEL COHEN
Recorded at RAFAEL COHEN’s Studio

UB313 (Elliott Levin, Brian Marsella, Jason Fraticelli, Ed Watkins) – Transfigured Locrian Night
Performed by Elliott Levin- flute and poetry
Brian Marsella- keyboards
Jason Fraticelli- acoustic bass
Ed Watkins- drums
Composed by Elliott Levin
Arranged by UB313
Engineered by Jesse Soifer
Recorded live at The Blockley, Philadelphia, PA on 9/26/12

Unbroken (Louie Belogenis, Shanir Ezra Blumenkanz, Kenny Wollesen) – Transmission
Performed by Louie Belogenis (tenor saxophone); Shanir Ezra Blumenkanz (acoustic bass); Kenny Wollesen (drums)
Composed by Louie Belogenis and Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Arranged by Louie Belogenis and Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz
Produced by Louie Belogenis and Beth Anne Hatton
Engineered by Robert Musso
Recorded August 1, 2005 at OMSS Studios
Dedicated to Bokar Rinpoche

Vanessa & Jamie Saft – Find
Performed by Vanessa Saft- vocals & Jamie Saft- all instruments
Composed by Vanessa Saft & Jamie Saft
Arranged by Jamie Saft
Produced by Jamie Saft
Engineered by Recorded and Mixed by Jamie Saft at Potterville International Sound, NY
Mastered by Vin Cin at Electric Plant Studios, NY

War Paint – Briggan Krauss, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Brian Chase – Bones
Performed by:
Briggan Krauss – saxophone/guitar
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – doublebass
Brian Chase – drums
Composed by Briggan Krauss, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Brian Chase
Arranged by War Paint
Produced by War Paint
Engineered by Briggan Krauss
Recorded at Live At The Stone

We the Gleaners (Dana Lyn, Kyle Sanna, Matt Kanelos) – Is the West Coast
Performed by Dana Lyn, violin; Kyle Sanna, guitar, synth, samples; Matt Kanelos, piano, effects, samples
Composed by Kyle Sanna, Dana Lyn, Matt Kanelos
Arranged by Kyle Sanna, Dana Lyn, Matt Kanelos
Produced by Kyle Sanna, Dana Lyn, Matt Kanelos
Engineered by Ross Bonadonna
Recorded at Wombat Recording, Brooklyn, NY

Yemen Blues (Ravid Kahalani) – Baraca Live
Performed by:
Ravid Kahalani – Vocal & Gimbri
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz – Bass & Oud
Rony Iwryn – Percussion
Itamar Doari – Percussion
Itamar Borochov – Trumpet
Rafi Malkiel – Trombone
Matan Chapnizki – Saxophone
Salit Lahav – Flute
Hilla Epstein – Cello
Keren Tenenboum – Viola
Special Guest: Daniel Iwryn – Bass
Composed by Ravid Kahalani
Arranged by Omer Avital, Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Itamar Borochov, Itamar Doari, Rony Iwryn
Produced by Ravid Kahalani, Omer Avital
Recorded live in concert at Zappa Club Tel Aviv by Evgeny Krolik & Shai Levi on October 18th, 2012. Mixed by Jonathan Jacobi at Zaza Studios Tel Aviv on 1-1-2/11/2012. Mastered by Jonathan Jacobi at Firehouse studios Tel Aviv on 3/11/2012.
love is a wonderful thing

Zach Mayer – But You May Not Leave The Forest
Performed by Zach Mayer – Baritone Sax
Composed by Zach Mayer
Arranged by Zach Mayer
Produced by Zach Mayer
Engineered by Zach Mayer
Recorded at home

Zion80 – I Lift My Eyes (Esa Einai)
Performed by:
Jon Madof, guitar, voice
Greg Wall, tenor sax, voice
Frank London, trumpet, voice
Jessica Lurie, bari sax, voice
Zach Mayer, bari sax, voice
Brian Marsella, keyboards, voice
Yoshie Fruchter, guitar, voice
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, bass, voice
Yuval Lion, drums, voice
Marlon Sobol, drums, voice
Composed by Jon Madof, original melody by Shlomo Carlebach
Arranged by Jon Madof
Produced by Jon Madof
Engineered by James Dellatacoma
Recorded at Orange Music Sound Studio