John Di Pasquale – Move The Uncovered Boxes Away

John Di Pasquale – Move The Uncovered Boxes Away

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Move The Uncovered Boxes Away is the debut album from John Di Pasquale. The name of a trio rather than a single person, John Di Pasquale was formed as a laboratory for the research and experiments of London-based guitarist Filippo Ferazzoli (ŪROK, Adam Beattie) and features Jools Kelly on bass and Luciano Cocco on drums. Move The Uncovered Boxes Away is a post-rock journey through a kaleidoscope of intricate structures, tight grooves, rich textures, odd rhythms and manipulated tapes.


  1. Smells Like Pine Trees 
  2. Over The Highline
  3. Meaningless#1
  4. In A While
  5. Circle
  6. Manor Road
  7. Umpteenth

Filippo Ferazzoli – Guitars and Tapes
Jools Kelly – Bass
Luciano Cocco –   Drums

All songs composed and produced by Filippo Ferazzoli
Recorded at Noatune Studios (London) and The White Lodge Studio (Rome) between February 2020 and March 2021
Recorded and Mixed by Matteo Dell’Unto
Mastered by Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering Studios (London)
Cover Art by IAIA

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John Lee – Chu Bubaloo
Dark Ages
Freakdom – Session One

Strength In Numbers, Vol. 5

Strength in Numbers, Vol. 5

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Founded in 2017 by Jon Madof and Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Chant Records releases adventurous music across the spectrum from an international community of artists. Incredibly prolific with over 70 releases to date, Chant presents Strength in Numbers, Vol. 5, a compilation featuring one song from each release of 2021.


  1. Bryan Murray and Jon Lundbom – Battalions
  2. Guido Spannocchi, Martin Siewert, Gina Schwarz, Matheus Jardin – Scherzo
  3. Shay Hazan Quintet – Beber’s Cha Cha
  4. The Klezmatics – Nign Forgács (Instrumental)
  5. Zion80 – Wandering Stone – Jon Madof RMX
  6. Adaya Godlevsky and Haggai Fershtman – Martian Spa
  7. Randi Pontoppidan/Sissel Vera Pettersen – Come
  8. Axel Dörner, Marthe Lea, Birgitte Lyregaard – Three Rivers, One Flood
  9. eXpanseplane – Sweet Spirit Near My Prayer
  10. Alfred Kpebesaane and Brittany Anjou – The Women Are Taking Over The Men
  11. Olson St. Clair – 54127
  12. Randi Pontoppidan and Thomas Buckner – Hide
  13. Robert Dick and Daniel Blake – Red Corner

Catalog Number CR2112CH

Strength in Numbers, Vol. 4
Strength in Numbers, Vol. 3
Strength in Numbers, Vol. 2
Strength in Numbers, Vol. 1 – free with mailing list signup

Bryan Murray & Jon Lundbom – Beats by Balto! Vol. 2

Bryan Murray & Jon Lundbom – Beats by Balto! Vol. 2

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Jon Lundbom (Big Five Chord) and Bryan Murray, a.k.a. Balto Exclamationpoint (Bryan and the Haggards) are back for their second Chant Records release. Joined by an all-star roster of accomplices, Lundbom and Murray blend hip-hop-style beat construction with avant-jazz and much more in a collage of sounds from various corners of the musical universe. Beats by Balto! Vol. 2 features performances from Jon Irabagon, Moppa Elliott, Nick Millevoi, and many more. A funky, wild, adventurous collection of music with virtuosic improvisation and revelrous glee, Beats by Balto! Vol. 2 is sure to please adventurous music lovers throughout Planet Earth and beyond. All artists’ proceeds to benefit the Jazz Foundation of America’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.


  1. Battalions
  2. Beat Like This
  3. Big P. (Interlude)
  4. Tears and Fists
  5. Ex Machina
  6. Cap’n Crunch (Interlude)
  7. Truck Gun
  8. Enter!
  9. Weak Sauce (Interlude)
  10. Hot Shit

Bryan Murray – soprano, alto, c-melody, and tenor saxophones
Jon Irabagon – sopranino, soprano, mezzo-soprano, balto!, and tenor
saxophones; alto clarinet
Jon Lundbom – guitar
Matt Kanelos – keyboard
Moppa Elliott – bass
Nick Millevoi – guitar
Richard Mikel – bass
Sam Kulik – trombone
Beats by Balto Exclamationpoint

Battalions – Jon Lundbom
Beat Like This – Jon Lundbom
Big P. – Bryan Murray
Ex Machina – Jon Lundbom
Tears and Fists – Jon Lundbom
Cap’n Crunch – Bryan Murray
Truck Gun – Jon Lundbom
Enter! – Jon Lundbom
Weak Sauce – Bryan Murray
Hot Shit – Jon Lundbom

All songs composed to beats constructed by Balto! Exclamationpoint
Recorded across the country, assembled in quarantine at Balto! World Headquarters
Mastered by Louie Lino at Resonate Music
Produced by Bryan Murray and Jon Lundbom

Catalog Number

Jon Lundbom and Bryan Murray – Beats by Balto! Vol. 1
Zion80 – Warriors RMX
Darshan – Raza

Spannocchi Siewert Schwarz Jardim – ease & ooze

Spannocchi Siewert Schwarz Jardim - ease & ooze

Spannocchi Siewert Schwarz Jardim – ease & ooze

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ease & ooze is the debut album from four of Europe’s most exciting contemporary improvisers: Guido Spannocchi (alto sax), Martin Siewert (guitar, effects), Gina Schwarz (electric bass, prepared electric bass) and Matheus Jardim (drums). Spanning genres, generations, genders, histories and continents, Spannocchi Siewert Schwarz Jardim had never been in the same room let alone played music together before the recording of this album. Tracked in an afternoon at Audiomanufaktur Studios (Vienna) and without cuts, edits or overdubs, ease & ooze beautifully captures the spontaneous creation of distinct compositions and soundscapes. It is a four-way musical conversation illustrating the elusive truth that playing together is always secondary to listening together.


  1. Prelude
  2. Allegro
  3. Vertigo
  4. Triple Axle
  5. Scherzo
  6. Coda

All songs collectively spontaneously composed by
Guido Spannocchi – alto saxophone
Martin Siewert – guitar, slide guitar, effects
Gina Schwarz – electric bass
Matheus Jardim – drums

Recorded at Audiomanufaktur Vienna by Florian Jauker, mixed and mastered by Martin Siewert. Artwork screenprint on 35mm film by Julia Vogl 2021. Guido Spannocchi is endorsed by Austrian Audio, Corry Bros Mouthpieces UK and Marca Reeds France.

Catalog Number

The Lie Detectors – Part III: Secret Unit
Xander Naylor – Continuum

Shay Hazan Quintet – Nuff Headlines

Shay Hazan Quintet - Nuff Headlines

Shay Hazan Quintet – Nuff Headlines

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Bassist and composer Shay Hazan is a mainstay on the vibrant Tel Aviv jazz scene. His new album Nuff Headlines finds him in the leadership role, a rare (although not unheard of) position for a bass player. The quintet is filled out by the two-horn duo of Tal Avraham on trumpet and Eyal Netzer on saxophone, along with Milton Michaeli on piano and Haim Peskoff on drums. Hazan’s musical roots spread far and wide into the magical realm of Moroccan Gnawa music (Hazan often plays gimbri, the traditional three stringed skin-covered bass lute), the new wave of hip hop, and the 1960’s Chicago free jazz and human rights movement. These roots all feed the single organism of the band, with Hazan leading from the bottom, anchoring and propelling the music with a force only a bassist can provide.


  1. Beber’s Cha Cha
  2. Evening Puja (Netzer)
  3. Vertigo
  4. Kebero
  5. Desert Snake
  6. Olam
  7. Old Tart (ft. Rosa Lea Salmon)

Tal Avraham – trumpet
Eyal Netzer – saxophone, zurna
Milton Michaeli – piano
Shay Hazan – bass, gimbri, percussion
Haim Peskoff – drums, percussion
Rosa Salmon – vocals (Old Tart) Nir Tom Sabag – lyrics (Old Tart)

Recorded December 18th 2019
Haogen Studios with Shlomi Gvili and Nitzan Levi
Mixed & Edited by Nitzan Levi and Shay Hazan

Catalog Number

Santiago Leibson Trio – Little Pieces
Germani / Boni / Genovese / Marcocci / Kim – Leave It Blank For Now
Eyal Talmudi – Even If

The Klezmatics – Letters to Afar

Klezmatics - Letters To Afar

The Klezmatics – Letters to Afar

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The Klezmatics are globally-renowned world music superstars — and the only klezmer band to win a Grammy award. The Klezmatics emerged out of the vibrant cultural scene of New York City’s East Village in 1986 with klezmer steeped in Eastern European Jewish tradition and spirituality, while incorporating contemporary themes such as human rights and anti-fundamentalism and eclectic musical influences including Arab, African, Latin and Balkan rhythms, jazz and punk.

Letters to Afar, The Klezmatics’ 13th and most adventurous release to date, contains music composed for Hungarian found-footage artist Péter Forgács’ acclaimed installation of Polish-Jewish historical films sourced from the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. The music is evocative, ambient and by turns psychedelic, meditative and illuminating. This is The Klezmatics as you’ve never heard them – deeply rooted in the traditions of klezmer and experimental avant-garde musics; Klezmatics filtered through Brian Eno, David Torn, Duke Ellington, Morton Feldman and electronica.


  1. HoraLité
  2. Blut
  3. Tish Nign
  4. Olem-Haze
  5. Dray Fidlen
  6. Flarp
  7. DeParnu
  8. Nign Forgács
  9. Tish Nign (Mizrekhdik)
  10. Oylem-Habe
  11. Shlofn Afn Yam
  12. Naftule-Tsikl
  13. Kandel
  14. Beymer
  15. Nign Forgács (Instrumental)

The Klezmatics
Richie Barshay: percussion
Matt Darriau: clarinets, kaval
Lisa Gutkin: violin
Frank London: brass
Paul Morrissett: bass, tsimbl
Lorin Sklamberg, accordion, piano, voice

With John Mettam, drums (track 12), miscellaneous percussion
Recorded April 11-12, 2013 at Park West Studios, Brooklyn, NY by Jim Clouse
Mastered by Andrew Felluss @ MusicNetwork SRC, New York City (March 5th, 2021)
MAX XP processing by Guy Barash
DeParnu (track 7) mixed by Greg Anderson

Letters to Afar, a film by Péter Forgács

Catalog Number

Midwood – Out of the Narrows
Ben Holmes – Naked Lore
Sandcatchers – What We Found Along The Way

Zion80 – Warriors RMX

Zion80 - Warriors RMX

Zion80 – Warriors RMX

Limited edition of 50 CDs with hand-painted digipaks / each one a unique design / numbered and signed by Jon Madof. Order it here »

Limited edition CD with hand-painted digipak case
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Zion80’s Warriors RMX is a reworking of songs from 2017’s Warriors EP. The 10-piece band’s signature groove-heavy sound of out-front horns, organic percussion, electric guitars and keyboards lends itself very well to the art of the remix. The album kicks off with a mix of “Pardes” by Curha (aka Curtis Hasselbring), adding a dose of quirky electronica to the song’s Latin-jazz groove (think Eddie Palmieri meets Autechre). The album’s only vocal track is a mix of “In Our Youth” by producer Smoke M2D6, featuring indie rapper/poet ePHRYME and some added guitar work from Zion80 bandleader Jon Madof. Madof takes the reins on a dub-heavy mix of “Wandering Stone,” with nods to producers Bill Laswell and King Tubby. London-based producer and multi-instrumental wizard Koby Israelite runs “Holy Brother” through the mashup meat grinder, adding blast-beat drums and chaotic jump-cuts along the way. The album finishes with an instrumental version of “In Our Youth,” bringing the album to a close and hinting at things to come from a live band who, after eight years and four studio albums, has only begun to expand their musical horizons into uncharted territory. Available as a limited edition CD with hand-painted digipak cover »


  1. Pardes – Curha RMX
  2. In Our Youth – Smoke q RMX (feat. ePRHYME, Jon Madof)
  3. Wandering Stone – Jon Madof RMX
  4. Holy Brother – Koby Israelite RMX
  5. In Our Youth – Smoke M2D6 Instrumental RMX (feat. Jon Madof)


  1. Pardes – Curha RMX
    Curha – production
  2. In Our Youth – Smoke M2D6 RMX (feat. ePRHYME, Jon Madof)
    ePRHYME – vocals
    Jon Madof – guitar, production
    Smoke M2D6 – production
  3. Wandering Stone – Jon Madof RMX
    Jon Madof – production
  4. Holy Brother – Koby Israelite RMX
    Koby Israelite – keyboard, bass, drums, production
  5. In Our youth – Smoke M2D6 Instrumental RMX (feat. Jon Madof)
    Jon Madof – guitar
    Smoke M2D6 – production

All songs mastered by James Dellatacoma at Orange Music, NJ
Cover design by Talia Madof

Catalog Number

Zion80 – Warriors
Ruthless Cosmopolitans – Ruthless
Yemen Blues – Live

Adaya Godlevsky and Haggai Fershtman – Sonia

Haggai Fershtman and Adaya Godlevsky - Sonia

Adaya Godlevsky and Haggai Fershtman – Sonia

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Sonia is an album of improvised music for harp, electronics, voice, drums and percussion by Israeli musicians Haggai Fershtman (drums, percussion) and Adaya Godlevsky (harp, voice, electronics). The unusual instrumentation creates a palate of sounds drawing on influences including contemporary classical music, avant-garde jazz and electronic music. Fershtman has toured internationally with artists including Katamine, Monotonix and Assaf Avidan, and has appeared on numerous recordings. Godlevsky is an interdisciplinary artist working in music, theater and performance art. Sonia, recorded in Tel Aviv in June 2020, is a loving tribute to the memory of Sonia Barchilon (1976-2017) Haggai’s wife and Adaya’s good friend.


  1. Part 1: Library Cleaner
  2. Part 1: Martian Spa
  3. Part 1: Kishuf
  4. Part 1: Full Turtle To Nowhere
  5. Part 1: A Secret
  6. Part 1: Take-A-Way
  7. Part 2: Sonia
  8. Part 2: Hildegard-Phone-Beam-Her
  9. Part 2: Cajun Queen Kitchen
  10. Part 2: White Raven
  11. Part 2: Later Night Show
  12. Part 2: A Secret Mission For Agent Fish
  13. Part 2: Night Trains

Harp, Voice and Electronics: Adaya Godlevsky
Drums and Percussion: Haggai Fershtman
Recording and Mixing: Ronen Hajaj
Assistant Engineer: Guy Shavitt
Mastering: Ronald Boersen
Photo Cover: Sonia Barchilon
Design: Dikla Benano
Recorded at Pluto Studios, Tel Aviv, June 2020

Special thanks to:
Anat Levin
Ariela Rosen
Assaf Tager
Avishai Cohen
Dganit Elyakim
Dikla Benano
Ophir Ilzetzki
Tom Soloveitzik
Uri Levinson
Family and Friends

Catalog Number 

Olson St. Clair – Western Free
Freakdom – Session One
The Lie Detectors – Part III: Secret Unit

Randi Pontoppidan & Sissel Vera Pettersen – Inner Lift

Randi Pontoppidan/Sissel Vera Pettersen - Inner Lift

Randi Pontoppidan / Sissel Vera Pettersen – Inner Lift

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Conceived by master vocal improvisers Sissel Vera Pettersen & Randi Pontoppidan, Inner Lift draws on various traditions and genres to create a sound world entirely unto itself. Curious, searching, meditative, melodic, rhythmic, ambient and powerfully evocative, the album was constructed using only the human voice, live processing and the minimal instrumentation of a zither and Tibetan singing bowls. But the whole is truly far more than the sum of its parts, encompassing the melding of minds, voices and spirits into a stunningly beautiful collection of new music. Sissel Vera Pettersen is artistic director of Trondheim Voices and has collaborated with Chick Corea, Marilyn Mazur, Jon Balke, Lionel Loueke, John Hollenbeck, Theo Bleckmann, Marc Ducret, Terje Isungset and others. Randi Pontoppidan has toured worldwide with Theatre of Voices and has collaborated with artists including Greg Cohen, Joélle Léandre, Thomas Buckner, Simon Toldam, Jamaladeen Tacuma, and IKI.


  1. Come
  2. Ethereal
  3. Mazuu
  4. Inner Lift
  5. Raindrops
  6. Traces
  7. Ohro
  8. Swimmingly
  9. Still Safe

All tracks improvised live, no overdubs.

Sissel Vera Pettersen: voice, live electronic processing, singing bowls 

Randi Pontoppidan: voice, live electronic processing, prepared zither

Recorded by Thomas Vang in The Village Studio
Mixed by August Wanngren in Virkeligheden Studio
Mastered by Morten Bue
Produced by Sissel Vera Pettersen & Randi Pontoppidan
Photos: Hanne Hvattum
Cover design/concept: Ernesta Vala
Supported by Koda Culture Funds & Norwegian Arts council

Catalog Number 

Randi Pontoppidan & Thomas Buckner – Voicescapes
Randi Pontoppidan & Christian Rønn – HEAD¨SPACE
Event Horizon (Greg Cohen and Randi Pontoppidan) – Space Geode
Randi Pontoppidan – ROOMS

Dörner/Lea/Lyregaard – Huckleberry Friend

Dörner/Lea/Lyregaard - Huckleberry Friend

Dörner/Lea/Lyregaard – Huckleberry Friend

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At a time when musicians the world over are only beginning to think about returning to the pre-pandemic days of live music, the next best thing might just be a brand new album of music created completely in the moment in front of a live audience. Recorded just before the pandemic began at The Monday Club and Klub Primi in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 17 and 18, 2020, ‘Huckleberry Friend’ is a document of three master European improvisers doing what they do best: feeding off the energy of the audience and each other to make spontaneous music in their own unique language, never to be repeated again. Vocalist Birgitte Lyregaard (Alain Jean-Marie, Brice Soniano, Toma Gouband) brings a unique palette of sound to free improvisation. Having studied voice since early childhood, she has developed her own unique style of imitation, poetry, timbres and an exploration of the outer limits of vocal expression. Trumpeter Axel Dörner (Otomo Yoshihide, Paul Lovens and Phil Minton) has over 150 albums to his name and is the 2019 recipient of the Jazzprize of the City of Berlin. Rounding out the trio is tenor saxophonist Marthe Lea (Trilok Gurtu, Bugge Wesseltoft, Alasdair Roberts), a musician with wide-ranging influences including free jazz, Norwegian folk music, Moroccan gnawa and traditional Indian music.


  1. Three Rivers, One Flood
  2. Multiplicities
  3. Paddle Screamer
  4. Monday Stove
  5. Shifts Adrift
  6. Waiting for Tom
  7. A Crack in the Hull
  8. Onto the Moon
  9. Firefly
  10. Pine Tree Flicker
  11. Pursuits
  12. Huckleberry End

All music performed and created by the Dörner/Lea/Lyregaard Trio
Axel Dörner: Trumpet
Marthe Lea: Tenor Saxophone
Birgitte Lyregaard: Vocals

Recorded Live at The Monday Club and Klub Primi in Copenhagen, February 17 & 18, 2020
Recording: Thomas Vang, The Village Recording
Producing and editing: Claus Poulsen and Birgitte Lyregaard
Mix and Master: John Fomsgaard, Karma Music
Cover Layout and Design: Julija Morgan
Cover illustration: Birgitte Lyregaard
Vinyl Print: Nordsø Records Pressing Plant

We wish to warmly thank Kresten Osgood and everyone at the Monday Club and Morten Lerhard and everyone at Klub Primi – for receiving us so kindly.

This album has been realized through the kind support of Koda Cultural Funds, Danish Composer’s Society, The William Demant Foundation, JazzDanmark and Norwegian Jazz Forum. 

Catalog Number 

Robert Dick and Dan Blake – Laugh and Lie Down
XOL – XOL Plays X.EN
Burton Greene and Guillaume Gargaud – Magic Intensity