Burton Greene and Guillaume Gargaud – Magic Intensity

Burton Greene and Guillaume Gargaud – Magic Intensity

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Renowned pianist and composer Burton Greene has been playing professionally since starting out in his hometown of Chicago in 1962. He was one of the first artists to record for ESP, the first record label devoted to avant garde jazz. With Alan Silva he formed the Free Form Improvisation Ensemble in 1963. He joined Bill Dixon’s and Cecil Taylor’s Jazz Composers Guild in 1964, and has played with a number of other artists including Rashied Ali, Albert Ayler, Gato Barbieri, Byard Lancaster, Sam Rivers, Patty Waters, Mark Dresser and Roy Campbell. Guillaume Gargaud is a French composer and guitarist who specializes in improvised music. He has appeared on 25 albums and composes music for contemporary dance and film. The duo is joined by flutist Tilo Baumheier on three tracks.

Burton Greene: Grand Piano
Guillaume Gargaud: Acoustic Guitar
Tilo Baumheier: Flute (tracks 5-7)
Recorded by Tilo Baumheier on Tilo’s Ark, Weesp Holland, April 19 2019
Edited by Tilo Baumheier and Guillaume Gargaud
Cover Art by Lali


  1. Space Dialogue
  2. Space Rhythms
  3. Climb Up and Float
  4. Apart Together
  5. Hush..! (featuring Tilo Baumheier)
  6. Primal Lanscape (featuring Tilo Baumheier)
  7. Capricious Voyage to Serenity (featuring Tilo Baumheier)

Catalog Number CR1909BU

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Roberto De Brasov & Koby Israelite – Provokation

Roberto De Brasov & Koby Israelite – Provokation

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Following the release of his 2018 album ‘The Rest of Now,’ acclaimed multi-instrumentalist and genre buster Koby Israelite returns to Chant Records with a collaboration featuring the virtuoso Romanian accordionist Roberto de Brasov. Crossing genres, fusing cultures and combining multiple flavors into a truly one of a kind musical punch in the face, ‘Provokation’ is like an almost out-of-control steamroller blasting a mixtape of Balkan music, jazz and metal. Featuring a haunting, funhouse rendition of Chopin’s ‘Nocturne No 2’ and the classic standard ‘If You Go Away’ reworked as a dramatic power ballad with special guest singer Annique, ‘Provokation’ electrifies from first note to last.

Roberto De Brasov – accordion, vocals
Koby Israelite – drums, percussion, piano, Roli Seaboard, guitar, bass, vocals , accordion (song no. 8)
Annique- vocals (song no. 4)

All music composed and arranged by Roberto De Brasov and Koby Israelite. Except “If You Go Away” by Jacque Brel and Rod McKuen and “Nocturne no. 2” by Frédéric Chopin.

Recorded at Bamba Studios. London,
December 2018 – March 2019
Mixed and produced by Koby Israelite


  1. The Trap
  2. Solitude
  3. Space Snail
  4. If You Go Away (feat. Annique)
  5. Provokation
  6. Robert’s Story
  7. Tour Babel
  8. 4 Parts of Sadness
  9. On the Edge
  10. Nocturne No. 2
  11. Frederic’s Migraine

Catalog Number CR1908RO

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