Sonata Islands Kommandoh – Quasar Burning Bright

Sonata Islands Kommandoh – Quasar Burning Bright

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Sonata Islands Kommandoh is a Milan-based, hyper-eclectic ensemble founded by flutist and composer Emilio Galante in 1998. Switching genres, approaches and even core members with each project, the ensemble explores far-reaching territory from the worlds of jazz, classical, rock, experimental and – especially on their latest album “Quasar Burning Bright” – electronic music. Some of Sonata Islands Kommandoh’s ambitious past projects include “Torre Aquila,” a multimedia project with soloist Markus Stockhausen, “Sonata Islands goes RIO” with music by avant garde veteran Fred Frith, a jazz rewriting of “Das Lied von der Erde” by Gustav Mahler, and their first release for Chant Records, “Zeuhl Jazz,” dedicated to the spirit of legendary French progressive rock band Magma. “Quasar Burning Bright” finds the ensemble in top shape, seamless weaving modal sounds and free jazz with deep-groove funk, a touch of metal and a healthy dose of synthesizers and other electronics. The resulting sound is hinted at by the album’s title, the dazzling luminescence of an invisible and far distant star surrounded by both vast space and unexpected explosions.


  1. Aphantasia QBB
  2. Susac Casus
  3. Mod-D QBB 115 bpm
  4. Think Atomic
  5. Mod-5 QBB 125 bpm
  6. It Ain’t Necessarily So

Emilio Galante, flute
Giovanni Venosta, keyboards and singing
Alberto N. A. Turra, electric guitar
Stefano Grasso, drums
Stefano Greco, programming and electronics; monochord & choir (track 6)
special guest: Fabio D’Ambrosio, choir (track 6)

Recorded & mixed by Stefano Greco at Blau Studio, Milan, January & February 2020
Mastered by Emilio Pozzolini at Blau Studio, Milan, March 2020
Graphics & layout by Jacopo Sacchi
Produced by Sonata Islands Kommandoh
Special thanks to Fabio D’Ambrosio, Chant Records and ADN Records and for their support

Catalog Number CR2007SO

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