Strength In Numbers, Vol. 5

Strength in Numbers, Vol. 5

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Founded in 2017 by Jon Madof and Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz, Chant Records releases adventurous music across the spectrum from an international community of artists. Incredibly prolific with over 70 releases to date, Chant presents Strength in Numbers, Vol. 5, a compilation featuring one song from each release of 2021.


  1. Bryan Murray and Jon Lundbom – Battalions
  2. Guido Spannocchi, Martin Siewert, Gina Schwarz, Matheus Jardin – Scherzo
  3. Shay Hazan Quintet – Beber’s Cha Cha
  4. The Klezmatics – Nign Forgács (Instrumental)
  5. Zion80 – Wandering Stone – Jon Madof RMX
  6. Adaya Godlevsky and Haggai Fershtman – Martian Spa
  7. Randi Pontoppidan/Sissel Vera Pettersen – Come
  8. Axel Dörner, Marthe Lea, Birgitte Lyregaard – Three Rivers, One Flood
  9. eXpanseplane – Sweet Spirit Near My Prayer
  10. Alfred Kpebesaane and Brittany Anjou – The Women Are Taking Over The Men
  11. Olson St. Clair – 54127
  12. Randi Pontoppidan and Thomas Buckner – Hide
  13. Robert Dick and Daniel Blake – Red Corner

Catalog Number CR2112CH

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