eXpanseplane – Hymn to The Endless Creator

eXpanseplane – Hymn to The Endless Creator

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Hymn to The Endless Creator is a new collection of abstract sound imaginations from eXpanseplane, the alter-ego of virtuoso Philadelphia-based electronic composer and producer Jesse Berg. On his fourth album for Chant Records, Berg balances an idiosyncratic palette of electronic sounds with various musical instruments and influences including contemporary jazz and classical music to create a collection of songs that are simultaneously melodic, dense, evocative and deeply personal.


  1. Ozymandias
  2. Kors
  3. nōn
  4. Exzisus
  5. Beltane
  6. The Art of War
  7. Bone
  8. Ezra
  9. Castor
  10. Guna
  11. Maneless
  12. Meraud
  13. Paracelsus
  14. Morrow of Returns
  15. Rex
  16. Sweet Spirit Near My Prayer
  17. Synastry
  18. Hymn to The Endless Creator
  19. Dream Within a Dream

Programmed, played, and composed by Jesse Berg

Catalog Number CR2103EX

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