Matt Mottel – Slid City

Matt Mottel – Slid City

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Matt Mottel is an internationally recognized multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer who has co-led (with drummer Kevin Shea) the dadaist duo Talibam! since 2003 and has worked with Karole Armitage, Rhys Chatham, Cooper-Moore, Yasuano Tone and many others. Talibam!’s album Endgame of the Anthropocene was described by Bandcamp as a “spiked Slurpee party at the end of the world” when featured as Album of the Day in 2017. Mottel goes solo on his Chant Records debut ‘Slid City,’ combining lo-fi drum machines with electronic synth sounds of all stripes, trash-rock guitar and laser sounds. For fans diverse artists including Suicide, Royal Trux, Omar Souleyman and Carla Bley, ‘Slid City’ is a layered and experimental sound world whose aural landscape simultaneously grooves, enlivens and stings your senses.

All music composed, performed and produced by Matt Mottel


  1. Clunk Rok
  2. Uniq Rok
  3. Untal Cloc
  4. Slide Ways
  5. Hiegh Weis
  6. Schizno Res
  7. Resona Moan
  8. Bo Dome