Curha – I

Curha – I

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Curtis Hasselbring is a New York-based trombonist, guitarist and composer. Since moving to NYC in the 90s he has been a fixture in the jazz and experimental music scenes, working with Slavic Soul Party, Golem, Frank London, Anthony Coleman, Bobby Previte, Matt Wilson, Chris Lightcap, Medeski Martin and Wood and many more. Curha is Hasselbring’s alter-ego and the name of his musical project involving a combination of his multi-instrumentalist skills and love of electronic music. His first release on Chant Records, “I”, integrates elements of electronica, tropicalia, surf and a wide variety of other influences to create a body of work that he describes as “groove music representing various stages of human evolution.”

All music composed, performed and produced by Curtis Hasselbring


  1. Scissors
  2. Egon
  3. Respect the Pedestrian
  4. Mystery Guest
  5. Madgit
  6. Sir Fish
  7. ’68
  8. Alpaca Lunch
  9. Party Platter People
  10. Fish Coda
  11. Ana-lo