Matteo Ciminari – Fried Hippocampus

Matteo Ciminari – Fried Hippocampus

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Matteo Ciminari is a London-based composer, guitarist, keyboardist and player of the theremin, an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact via two metal antennas that sense the relative position of the player’s hands. The instrument’s sound, often described as “eerie,” has been used in countless film soundtracks including Bernard Herrmann’s The Day the Earth Stood Still. Ciminari weaves the unusual instrument into a soup of avant-garde jazz, film music and an iconoclastic sense of composition with influences ranging from Thelonious Monk to Frank Zappa to Igor Stravinsky. Recorded remotely during the coronavirus lockdown by musicians in the UK and Italy and mastered by three-time Grammy winner Marc Urselli, the album title and all song titles on Fried Hippocampus are inspired by Ciminari’s love of food as well as the limbic system, the set of structures in the brain that deal with emotions and memory, and – in Ciminari’s words – where “all of the archetypes are recorded.”


  1. Pizzammano
  2. Spiced Amygdala
  3. Narni Underground
  4. El Serpiente
  5. How I Feel Today
  6. Psalm
  7. ForNiche
  8. Mr Distraction
  9. A Woman

All songs written by Matteo Ciminari
Recorded during the Covid-19 lockdown in various home studios between Italy and the United Kingdom.
Mixed by Matteo Ciminari
Mastered by Marc Urselli

Matteo Ciminari: Electric Guitar, Theremin, Keyboards
Mattia Borraccetti: Double bass
James Boston: Piano on “Spiced Amygdala,” Electric Piano on “Psalm”
Maurizio Moscatelli: Alto Sax on “Pizzammano” and “Narni Underground,” Flute on “Spiced Amygdala,” Bass Clarinet on “ForNiche”
Luca Orselli: Drums on “Pizzammano,” “How I Feel Today,” “ForNiche” and “Mr Distraction”
Michele Sperandio: Drums on “Spiced Amygdala,” “Narni Underground,” “El Serpiente” and “Psalm”

Catalog Number CR2012MA

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