Phase Duo – Generative Glimpse

Phase Duo Generative Glimpse

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Phase Duo is composed of violinist/composer Eloisa Manera and producer/DJ/engineer Stefano Greco. Manera comes originally from the classical world and has performed with musicians including Mario Brunello and Herbie Hancock. Greco is an electronic musician with the Milan-based hyper-eclectic band Sonata Islands Kommandoh, and performs solo under the name Fana. Formed in 2015, Phase Duo has performed extensively in Europe, and released their first album ‘S/T’ on Aut Records in 2019. Generative Glimpse finds the pair of musicians deepening their sound and continuing to blur the lines between analog and digital, ambient and rhythmic, and classical and electronic music.


  1. Electric Birds
  2. When we were here
  3. Aural
  4. Burning Sea
  5. Wakes
  6. Accidental Intelligence
  7. Bosco
  8. Ascent
  9. FRBs
  10. Substance
  11. Asmr

All tracks composed by Eloisa Manera and Stefano Greco

Eloisa Manera – violin, 5 strings electric synth violin, voice
Stefano Greco – electronics and monochord

Special Guests on the track “Burning Sea”: Gaia Mattiuzzi (alto and solo)
Camilla Barbarito (soprano)
Francesco Forges (male voices)

Written and produced by Phase Duo

Recorded and mixed by Stefano Greco at Blau Studio, Milano (March-December 2020)

Mastered at Blau Studio

Catalog Number

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