Strength in Numbers vol. 3

Strength in Numbers vol 3

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Celebrating two years and over 40 releases from a worldwide community of artists, NYC-based Chant Records presents ‘Strength In Numbers vol. 3,’ featuring one track from each of this year’s releases. From noise rock to abstract hip-hop, electronica to solo voice, free jazz to Balkan, this collection will widen your perspective and bring you deep into the sonic world of uncompromising, adventurous music.


  1. Mick Rossi’s Anti-Matter – Middle Of The Middle
  2. TORU – If You’re Not Offended I’ll Have Another Go (feat. Moss Freed)
  3. Alberto N. A. Turra – Trevor
  4. Randi Pontoppidan – Arctic
  5. Laushaus – Sonne Noire
  6. Jon Lundbom and Bryan Murray – Three Plus
  7. eXpanseplane – DEVIATE
  8. Robert Dick & Adam Caine – The Damn Think
  9. Los Autonautas – 13 de Octubre
  10. Roberto De Brasov and Koby Israelite – Space Snail
  11. Burton Greene and Guillaume Gargaud – Space Dialogue
  12. Sam Eastmond – Zombi Love
  13. ŪROK – Bruiser

Catalog Number CR1912CH

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