Freakdom – Session One

Freakdom – Session One

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Freakdom is the gathering of three singular musical minds: fretless guitarist David Konopnicki (leader of the Paris-based punk/improv trio AutorYno), bassist Shanir Blumenkranz (Yemen Blues, Yo-Yo Ma, John Zorn) and drummer Kenny Grohowski (Imperial Triumphant, Secret Chiefs 3, Rez Abbasi). Written in one day and recorded in New York City by 3-time Grammy winning engineer Marc Urselli, ‘Session One’ beautifully captures a boundless adventure into freedom and madness drawing on metal, punk, thrash, dub, surf and various traditions of improvised music.

Recorded 11-1-2016 at EASTSIDE SOUND STUDIO – New York
David Konopnicki – Fretless Guitar
Shanir Blumenkranz – Double Bass
Kenny Grohowski – Drums
Composed by Freakdom
Producer : Shanir Blumenkranz
Record Engineer : Marc Urselli @ Eastside Sound Studio, NYC
Mix : David Konopnicki @ 4A SoundFactory – Forges-Les-Eaux, France
Mastering : Jean-Charles Panizza @ Climax Mastering
Published by Noa Music
COVER PICTURE : David Benainous


  1. Another Blues
  2. Round & Round
  3. Oompah
  4. Down
  5. Blast From The Past
  6. Nein
  7. Puppy Eyes
  8. Second Victim
  9. Dawn

Catalog Number CR2001FR

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