The Invisible Party – Shumankind

The Invisible Party – Shumankind

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Shumankind is the debut record by The Invisible Party, an improvising trio that plays hard and takes no prisoners. The three-pronged attack of guitar, bass and drums creates splatters of spontaneity, off-kilter phrases and distorted shrieks and scrapes, all done with merciless joy and abandon. Shumankind rewards repeated listening as new shapes and colors take form to reveal a truly one-of-a-kind musical universe. Guitarist Jon Lipscomb is based in Malmö, Sweden and has worked with Brandon Lopez, Jarrett Gilgore, Anders Lindsjö, Ole Mofjell, Jaimie Branch and others. Brooklyn-based bassist Kurt Kotheimer has worked with Bobby Previte, Chris Cohen (Deerhoof), Michael Coleman (Michael Rocketship), Ava Mendoza, Matt Nelson (Tune-Yards) and others. Also based in Brooklyn, drummer and multi-instrumentalist Dave Treut has worked with Crystal Fighters, Kaki King, Chris Taylor (Grizzlybear), Wild Yaks, Brandon Seabrook and others.

Jon Lipscomb – Guitar
Kurt Kotheimer – Bass
Dave Treut – Drums
Engineered and mixed by Kurt Kotheimer at Figure 8 in Brooklyn, NY summer of 2017.
Mastered by Jon Lipscomb
Cover art by Alexandra Costin


  1. Invisible Party
  2. Eye Forms
  3. Plain Words
  4. Conquest of Bread
  5. Book Chin
  6. Thirteenth Cone
  7. Sleep Ship
  8. Perpetuate the Fuzz