TORU – Anthology 1

 TORU – Anthology 1

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Free improvisation from a core of trumpet players Sam Eastmond (The Spike Orchestra, John Zorn), Celeste Cantor-Stephens and Andy Watts (London Afrobeat Collective). Releasing an album every month with a different guest, Anthology collects six new tracks from each of the first six monthly volumes. Filled with love, anger, energy and catharsis TORU is an outrageous and unpredictable journey through the alchemy of spontaneous musical creation. Featuring Sam Day Harmet, Mike Wilkins, Sarah Gail Brand, Otto Willberg, Moss Freed & Marco Quarantotto.

Sam Eastmond, Celeste Cantor-Stephens and Andy Watts – Trumpet (all tracks)
Sam Day Harmet – Clarinet & Mandolin (track 1)
Mike Wilkins – Soprano/Alto/Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet (track 2)
Sarah Gail Brand – Trombone (track 3)
Otto Willberg – Bass (track 4)
Moss Freed – Guitar (track 5)
Marco Quarantotto – Drums (track 6)

recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Watts at Chadar Shenah Studios
July-August 2018
London, England
Design by Mark Allender
All tracks are spontaneous compositions by
1. Eastmond/Cantor-Stephens/Watts/Harmet
2. Eastmond/Cantor-Stephens/Watts/Wilkins
3. Eastmond/Cantor-Stephens/Watts/Brand
4. Eastmond/Cantor-Stephens/Watts/Willberg
5. Eastmond/Cantor-Stephens/Watts/Freed
6. Eastmond/Cantor-Stephens/Watts/Quarantotto


  1. Mango Mussolini (featuring Sam Day Harmet)
  2. That Is A Deeply Complex Question Filled With Nuance And Context, But I Think I’ve Got It Nailed In This Cat Meme (featuring Mike Wilkins)
  3. Haemorrhoid Rees-Mogg (featuring Sarah Gail Brand)
  4. A Child’s Vegetable Garden Of Foreign Policy Cadavers (featuring Otto Willberg)
  5. If You’re Not Offended I’ll Have Another Go (featuring Moss Freed)
  6. Deep Red (featuring Marco Quarantotto)

Catalog Number CR1901TO