Alberto N. A. Turra – The TAAN trio Live at Easy Nuts Lab

Alberto N. A. Turra – The TAAN trio Live at Easy Nuts Lab

Joint release with Felmay Records 

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“The Taan Trio live at Easy Nuts Lab” is the second joint release between Chant Records and Italy’s Felmay record label. It follows Alberto N.A. Turra’s 2017 solo album “It Is Preferable Not To Travel With A Dead Man” and finds the Italian guitarist, composer and bandleader in a live set along with bassist William Nicastro and drummer Stefano Grasso. Both Turra and Nicastro also appear on the Chant Records album “Zeuhl Jazz” by the band Sonata Islands Kommandoh.

The Taan Trio formed in late 2017 and quickly began touring in Italy and the US, allowing their interplay and musical relationship to develop quickly through extensive live performances and rehearsals. The musicians each bring their own personal language to the TAAN Trio’s repertoire of original songs by Turra along with two cover songs. Evoking the sound of such influential bands as Pat Metheny with Jaco Pastorius and Bob Moses or Bill Frisell with Kermit Driscoll and Joey Baron, the Taan Trio adds in a healthy dose of live electronics and jazz-core to create a uniquely 21st century take on the classic guitar trio format.

Alberto N. A. Turra: electric guitar, live electronics
William Nicastro: electric bass
Stefano Grasso: drums, live electronics
Recorded and mixed by Maurizio Nardini at Easy Nuts Lab December 23 2018. Mastered by Roberto Zanisi at Easy Nuts Lab. Graphic concept by Marzia Ardissono / Fuoco Fisso. Photos by Serena Rose Zerri, Gianni Grossi
All compisitions by Alberto N. A. Turra execpt ‘If You Want Me To Stay’ (Sly Stone) and Wights Waits For Weights (Steve Coleman)


  1. Darvish
  2. Trevor
  3. Toni Boselli
  4. Balcano
  5. Andrea Rainoldi
  6. Wights Waits for Weights
  7. Black Madonna
  8. If You Want Me To Stay
  9. Cellule

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