Curha – II

Curha – II

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Curha II is the followup album to Curha I (Chant Records) and the latest work of the musician known as Curha. Curha is the alter ego of Curtis Hasselbring, a New York-based multi-instrumentalist and composer who has worked with musicians including Golem, Slavic Soul Party, Banda De Los Muertos, Frank London, Anthony Coleman, the Ghost Train Orchestra, Bobby Previte, Matt Wilson, Chris Lightcap and Medeski Martin and Wood. Curha utilizes trombones, guitars, samples, synths and voices to paint a utopian yet charmingly-flawed personal vision of time and space. Opening with an Ennio Morricone-inspired desert anthem (‘Casa Grande’) and moving through chip-tunes imitating Weather Report (‘Hex Pebble Fusion’), a tribute to Mark E. Smith (‘Totally Hired’), shoe-gaze muzak (‘Blown Bubble Blues’) and trip-hop-meets-Marvel (‘History of Vistas’), Curha II covers a wide musical terrain. The album features a variety of guests including guitar wiz Brandon Seabrook (Anthony Braxton, Nels Cline), drummer Dan Rieser (Norah Jones, Rosanne Cash), dual bass clarinetists Peter Hess (Slavic Soul Party, Balkan Beat Box) and Alec Spiegelman (Cuddle Magic) and Aaron Diskin (Golem) on tambourine.

All music composed, created and performed by Curha. Additional guests include Dan Rieser (drums on #1 and #2), Aaron Diskin (tambourine #2), Brandon Seabrook (guitar solo on #2), Peter Hess (bass clarinet on #8) and Alec Spiegelman (bass clarinet on #6 and #12). Additional recording by Craig Dreyer at Mighty Toad.


  1. Casa Grande
  2. Togar
  3. Sick Of Ants!
  4. Blimp Enthusiast
  5. Blaster
  6. Soap
  7. Murgatroid
  8. MMS
  9. Totally Hired
  10. History of Vistas
  11. Hex Pebble Fusion
  12. Blown Bubble Blues

Catalog Number CR2003CU

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