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What do Regina Spektor, Ani DiFranco, Yo-Yo Ma and Red Baraat have in common? For one thing, they’ve all worked with at least one member of Laushaus. The instrumental, two-guitar quartet draws on a vast range of experience to create music rooted in deep groove but stretching into the wide-open space of the unknown. Exploring the adventurous fringes of jazz, rock and blues, Laushaus features Kyle Sanna and Jonathan Goldberger on guitars, Todd Sickafoose on bass and Mathias Künzli on drums and percussion.

Mathias Künzli, drums & percussion, synth bass on “Lucy’s Disco”
Kyle Sanna, guitar (mostly right side), synth, samples, organ
Jonathan Goldberger, guitar (mostly left side)
Todd Sickafoose, bass

all songs by Laushaus
produced by Kyle Sanna and Mathias Künzli
recorded by Jeff Hill at The Bass Station (Brooklyn, NY) November, 2014
additional recording by Kyle and Mathias at Summercamp Studios (Brooklyn, NY and Pasadena, CA)
mixed by Kyle Sanna
mastered by Jonathan Goldberger


  1. Sonne Noire
  2. Lucy’s Disco
  3. More Than 7 QNS
  4. Elk Drive
  5. Stick Horse Drifters
  6. Slow Wake
  7. Haze
  8. Magic Carpeting
  9. Grillin’ With My Parrots (Coda)

Catalog Number CR1903LA 

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