U/nu – Appendix: Spring Is Late In Coming

U/nu – Appendix: Spring Is Late In Coming

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‘Appendix: Spring Is Late In Coming’ is part two of an electroacoustic exploration inspired by the visionary work of Italian artist Gianluca Lerici, aka Professor Bad Trip. If part one of this sonic exploration (released on Chant Records on August 5 2022 under the title ‘Teknovortex Club’) consisted of a series of compositions that attempted to translate the contents of the comic strips and the artist’s ironic and desecrating style into sounds, part two is intended to be an ideal bridge between the cyber-world prophesied by Lerici and the real and current one, in some ways even crazier. Following the structure of an ideal graphic novel, “Appendix: Spring Is Late In Coming” is an epilogue told through surreal textures in which manipulated field recordings, distorted synthesizers and ambient noises dialogue with each other in a dreamlike plot, as relevant in decades past as it is today.


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All music composed by Rosario Di Rosa
Recorded, mixed and mastered by U/nu at “The Bunker”, Milan (january-february 2021)
U/nu: live electronics, tapes, synth, field recordings, electric bass
Artwork by Rosario Di Rosa

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U/nu – Sound Pictures From Professor Bad Trip’s Comics 
Phase Duo – Generative Glimpse