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XOL is a quartet of veteran improvisers on the vibrant European free music scene, with Guy Bettini on cornet, trumpet and fluegelhorn, Harri Sjöström on soprano sax, Luca Pissavini on bass and Francesco Miccolis on drums and percussion. Going beyond traditional structures and tonalities and composing collectively in the moment, they take the listener on a sonic journey to the outer reaches of the universe. XOL has toured extensively with the legendary Peter Brötzmann, and members have worked with other luminaries including Derek Bailey, Cecil Taylor, Gerry Hemingway and Tiger Okoshi.

Guy Bettini: cornet, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Harri Sjöström: soprano sax
Luca Pissavini: double bass
Francesco Miccolis: drums, percussion
Recording, mix and master by Eliyah Reichen – Beyond Groove Studio – Switzerland
photo and graphic by guy bettini
produced by guy bettini CircoRu, circoru.org


  1. still water has no mind
  2. to receive the image
  3. of the migrating geese
  4. the whole moon
  5. and the entire sky
  6. are reflected in one
  7. dewdrop on the grass