Bryan Murray & Jon Lundbom – Beats by Balto! Vol. 2

Bryan Murray & Jon Lundbom – Beats by Balto! Vol. 2

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Jon Lundbom (Big Five Chord) and Bryan Murray, a.k.a. Balto Exclamationpoint (Bryan and the Haggards) are back for their second Chant Records release. Joined by an all-star roster of accomplices, Lundbom and Murray blend hip-hop-style beat construction with avant-jazz and much more in a collage of sounds from various corners of the musical universe. Beats by Balto! Vol. 2 features performances from Jon Irabagon, Moppa Elliott, Nick Millevoi, and many more. A funky, wild, adventurous collection of music with virtuosic improvisation and revelrous glee, Beats by Balto! Vol. 2 is sure to please adventurous music lovers throughout Planet Earth and beyond. All artists’ proceeds to benefit the Jazz Foundation of America’s COVID-19 Relief Fund.


  1. Battalions
  2. Beat Like This
  3. Big P. (Interlude)
  4. Tears and Fists
  5. Ex Machina
  6. Cap’n Crunch (Interlude)
  7. Truck Gun
  8. Enter!
  9. Weak Sauce (Interlude)
  10. Hot Shit

Bryan Murray – soprano, alto, c-melody, and tenor saxophones
Jon Irabagon – sopranino, soprano, mezzo-soprano, balto!, and tenor
saxophones; alto clarinet
Jon Lundbom – guitar
Matt Kanelos – keyboard
Moppa Elliott – bass
Nick Millevoi – guitar
Richard Mikel – bass
Sam Kulik – trombone
Beats by Balto Exclamationpoint

Battalions – Jon Lundbom
Beat Like This – Jon Lundbom
Big P. – Bryan Murray
Ex Machina – Jon Lundbom
Tears and Fists – Jon Lundbom
Cap’n Crunch – Bryan Murray
Truck Gun – Jon Lundbom
Enter! – Jon Lundbom
Weak Sauce – Bryan Murray
Hot Shit – Jon Lundbom

All songs composed to beats constructed by Balto! Exclamationpoint
Recorded across the country, assembled in quarantine at Balto! World Headquarters
Mastered by Louie Lino at Resonate Music
Produced by Bryan Murray and Jon Lundbom

Catalog Number

Jon Lundbom and Bryan Murray – Beats by Balto! Vol. 1
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