Spannocchi Siewert Schwarz Jardim – ease & ooze

Spannocchi Siewert Schwarz Jardim – ease & ooze

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ease & ooze is the debut album from four of Europe’s most exciting contemporary improvisers: Guido Spannocchi (alto sax), Martin Siewert (guitar, effects), Gina Schwarz (electric bass, prepared electric bass) and Matheus Jardim (drums). Spanning genres, generations, genders, histories and continents, Spannocchi Siewert Schwarz Jardim had never been in the same room let alone played music together before the recording of this album. Tracked in an afternoon at Audiomanufaktur Studios (Vienna) and without cuts, edits or overdubs, ease & ooze beautifully captures the spontaneous creation of distinct compositions and soundscapes. It is a four-way musical conversation illustrating the elusive truth that playing together is always secondary to listening together.


  1. Prelude
  2. Allegro
  3. Vertigo
  4. Triple Axle
  5. Scherzo
  6. Coda

All songs collectively spontaneously composed by
Guido Spannocchi – alto saxophone
Martin Siewert – guitar, slide guitar, effects
Gina Schwarz – electric bass
Matheus Jardim – drums

Recorded at Audiomanufaktur Vienna by Florian Jauker, mixed and mastered by Martin Siewert. Artwork screenprint on 35mm film by Julia Vogl 2021. Guido Spannocchi is endorsed by Austrian Audio, Corry Bros Mouthpieces UK and Marca Reeds France.

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