Guillaume Gargaud – Strange Memories

Guillaume Gargaud – Strange Memories

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Guillaume Gargaud is a French guitarist who specializes in improvised music and composition for contemporary dance and film. He collaborated with veteran pianist Burton Green on 2019’s Chant Records release Magic Intensity, and has worked with other artists including Marc Edwards, Stephen Grew, Guy Bettini, Jack Wright, Mike Majkowski and Korvat Auki Ensemble. Recorded at his home studio in Le Havre, France, “Strange Memories” is Gargaud’s eighth solo album. It features the guitarist in a beautifully intimate acoustic guitar setting, playing a collection of completely improvised pieces.


  1. Mystery Travel
  2. Free Spirit
  3. Stay Away
  4. Strange Memories
  5. Glissando
  6. No Closing
  7. Curious Things
  8. Leave Open
  9. Old Melodies

All music written, performed and recorded by Guillaume Gargaud
Recording at Le Havre, France 26th and 27th July 2019
Cover design by Stefano Giust

Catalog Number CR2009GU

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