John Di Pasquale – Move The Uncovered Boxes Away

John Di Pasquale – Move The Uncovered Boxes Away

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Move The Uncovered Boxes Away is the debut album from John Di Pasquale. The name of a trio rather than a single person, John Di Pasquale was formed as a laboratory for the research and experiments of London-based guitarist Filippo Ferazzoli (ŪROK, Adam Beattie) and features Jools Kelly on bass and Luciano Cocco on drums. Move The Uncovered Boxes Away is a post-rock journey through a kaleidoscope of intricate structures, tight grooves, rich textures, odd rhythms and manipulated tapes.


  1. Smells Like Pine Trees 
  2. Over The Highline
  3. Meaningless#1
  4. In A While
  5. Circle
  6. Manor Road
  7. Umpteenth

Filippo Ferazzoli – Guitars and Tapes
Jools Kelly – Bass
Luciano Cocco –   Drums

All songs composed and produced by Filippo Ferazzoli
Recorded at Noatune Studios (London) and The White Lodge Studio (Rome) between February 2020 and March 2021
Recorded and Mixed by Matteo Dell’Unto
Mastered by Nick Watson at Fluid Mastering Studios (London)
Cover Art by IAIA

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