Sam Eastmond – Gulgoleth

Sam Eastmond – Gulgoleth

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Gulgoleth is the brainchild of composer Sam Eastmond, leader of the eclectic jazz/rock/Radical Jewish Culture big band Spike Orchestra and frequent collaborator with musical mastermind John Zorn. The album features the engine room of the Spike Orchestra stripped back to a quartet setting to highlight the virtuosic skill of the players and this outrageous set of compositions. Drawing inspiration from the work of underground filmmaker Jack Smith and the process of creating arrangements of music from Zorn’s Masada songbook, this highly personal and intense album is a journey through a free-jazz, surf, rock, cartoon, Radical Jewish Culture and Downtown film noir dreamscape. 

Guitar – Moss Freed
Piano – Elliot Galvin
Bass – Otto Willberg
Drums – Will Glaser

All music composed and directed by Sam Eastmond
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marc Urselli at Resident Studios London 
August 28 2018

Cover Art by Jacqueline Nicholls
Design by Mark Allender


  1. Zombi Love
  2. Buzzard Soup
  3. In The Grip Of The Lobster
  4. Atlantis Falls
  5. Involuntary Jaw Spasm (NFH)
  6. Standing On The Shoulders Of Giantslayers
  7. Plastic Flower
  8. Angel Of Self-Destruction

Catalog Number CR1910SA

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